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Adria chandelier
for Italamp
Luca Maria Arosio e Paolo Emanuele Nava
Adria was born from the idea of a thread that connects the past to the future.
We started from the deconstruction of a classic chandelier: we maintained his main elements, that are the central baluster and the lampshades, and we have reviewed them to create a game of balances, with a scenic effects. In this way the concept of chandelier is summarized, the central baluster becomes the counterweight of the lampshades, and the lampshades are not supported by the traditional branches from below but by a thin threads that originate from the baluster go to the celing and then to the lamshades. The image created to these threads recalls the tension of modern architecture. Also, since the lampshades are supported from above they look like bright drops in the air.
00 adria chandelier navapiunavadesignstudio.jpg