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Nava + Arosio
The primary intention of this collection was to create sculptural elements basing on the processing of a flat sheet (hence the name “Piano” meaning “flat” in Italian), using the folding technique, to produce complex objects with high aesthetic impact and great elegance.
The end result is a sculptural structure in which the series of different facets are underscored by the veins of the black walnut which bend with the actual shape, moulded around the clean lines of the corners and sloping planes. This structure, which then becomes the central base of the dining table, supports the generously sized top in walnut or Calacatta marble, available in the round versions with diameter of 160 and 180 cm. The top also becomes a means of drawing attention to the base thanks to the apparent slimness of its perimeter.
The concept of the table base also underlies the collection of coffee and occasional tables which, basing on the same concept, are embellished with the Calacatta marble top that is placed over them like a precious stone. This is in addition to the multitasking version in lacquer finish polyurethane which can be used as coffee table or become a practical stool with the fabric cushion as finishing touch

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